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Next new pattern available in July 2023

Note that the patterns are coming out every three months.

INSTRUCTIONS for the free pattern: 

NOTE 1: Print the pattern on letter size paper. Do not enlarge or reduce the design.
               To download the PDF document click on the PDF Icon below.  

NOTE 2: Every one of my patterns can be done on a domestic sewing machine. 

There is no programming and the FMQ is done by the quilter not the machine. For the domestic machine, bring down the feed dog, use a FMQ foot, preferably an ''Open toe foot'' because you have a better view when you travel back and forth. 

I also use my sit down mid arm machine that has no programming, no handle, no feed dog but has a 16'' throat. I use this machine when I do a tutorial so you can have a better overview.

If you are using my pattern for the first time, click on the following links (in the dark blue frame) to see short informative videos : 

VIDEO 1: ''Materials & Tools'' that I use to do a project
VIDEO 2: ''How I write my patterns and FMQ Technique'' 

If you are around come visit me in Halifax, Nova Scotia

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