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Placemat Hello Kitty jaune

Patterns for Paper Piecing Technique

Patterns for Raw Edge Appliqué Technique

Placemats and napkins


10 $ CAD/pattern. Sent by email only. PDF document 

The patterns shown here are not available in paper format.

Here's how to order these amazing quilting projects:

1. Choose the patterns you wish to purchase

2. Send me an email with the list of patterns you wish to receive 

3. Send the payment through PayPal at the following address:

4. You will receive your pattern by email shortly after the

     payment has been received.

Price : 10 $


Unique Rooster Placemat pattern with napkins - Appliqué - Quilt - Collection Inedith



The project is fun and easy for all. This is a rooster proud of his colourful and distinguish plumage. He carries the serviette on his back inserted in a small pocket. Either for your lunch at work or on your kitchen table, Riccoco knows how to charm colleagues or guests. He likes to be the center of attention, like all roosters do!



Price : 10 $


Unique Duck Placemat pattern with napkins - Appliqué - Quilt - Collection Inedith

Duck à l'Orange


This Duck à l'orange is a delight for the eyes. It will add a touch of country in your kitchen or your office at lunch time. You will be pleased with the result and needless to say that your duck will feed the conversations around the table or at work.



Price : 10 $


Unique Hello Kitty Placemat pattern with napkins - Appliqué - Quilt - Collection Inedith

Hello Kitty


What child or young girl doesn't like this Hello Kitty phenomenon? A gift for a child or a young girl would give you the hugs and kisses you deserve. My experience is that one is not enough because they will ask you to make them for their friends.



Price : 10 $

Paper Piecing Technique

Unique Asian style Placemats with napkins - Paper Piecing - Quilt - Collection Inedith

Asian Style Placemats


These placemats are very elegant on an asian style diner table and will certainly add beauty to your decor. You can make all 4 designs, each with its ownKanji word: Love-Beauty-Dream-Wealth.  They will definitely be a nice conversation starter around your diner table. 



Price : 10 $


Unique Campling - Scout Placemat Pattern with napkins - Appliqué - Quilt - Collection Inedith

Once a Scout, Always a Scout!


I created this placemat for my husband.  A nature lover and a 30 years + Scout veteran from Scout Canada.

Be it for lunch at the office or on your kitchen table, it's certainly a piece of conversation.

Collection Inédith 2015 - All rights reserved

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