Show & Tell

This segment is dedicated to quilters and artists that have worked with my designs to create their own version of my Block of the Month 

I encourage you to send me pictures of your own version of the blocks you've picked.

Let's share and be inspired by each other

Absolutely beautiful. This piece was made and quilted by Shelly Houck Murrell. Not only did she do a perfect hummingbird, she created an amazing background, chosing to be bold and have it pop up so not to distract from the main piece but to add an element of beauty for the eyes. Bravo Shelly and thank you for sharing.  

Gorgeous rendition of the Humming Hearts and Paxton the penguin by Ali Marston from the United Kingdom.  The FMQ on it is very well done Ali. Those are quilt projects to be proud of.

Sandra Pearson's rendition of the Dolphin pattern.  She has created this gorgeous piece and I'm very proud of her work. Bravo Sandra. I love it!

Now this is absolutely stunning. This is a piece by Babs Nalley from California. I was quilted on a white background fabric and painted afterwards.  With the added colorful flower and the amazing FMQ background design it is out of this world.

I Love it!

What a beautiful piece. This Hummingbird was done by Martine Dionne from Frampton in the Beauce region of Québec. The pebbles in the background are beautifully done and make the bird pop out. She finished her piece with a nice French Border.  The FMQ for the hummingbird is very well done.

Bravo Martine.

This is the beautiful work of Pam Coe from Kentucky. She has done an amazing job and even added extra FMQ in the wings. The background is also her own contribution to the piece.  Bravo!

Denise Lawrence is from North Idaho, US and she just finished this gorgeous piece.  The FMQ is excellent and I'm really proud to show it off.  Are people inspired yet!!!  Bravo Denise. I can't wait to see what you do next.

This beauty was done by Sandra Carreon from Long Beach, California.  Pure lines and amazing FMQ work. I couldn't have done it better myself. 

These were made by Socrates L. Painter. In the Superfly Butterfly, she added fabric paint. Doesn't it  look stunning! As for the other blocks, the Dolphin and the Penguin, nicely done. Socrates is also a painter. Go visit her Facebook page to discover her style, she does beautiful work.

This one confused me. I thought someone was sending me back my own picture.  But nop! It's the work of Sandy-Maria Archer from NSW, Coopernook, Australia.  I just love it.

Jennifer is from South Carolina. She has quilted the outlines and painted each sections.  I think you will agree with me, who loves funky and vibrant colors, that this is gorgeous. Jennifer does amazing work so don't hesitate to visit her public Facebook page and discover something different.  

Amazing Quilt Block of the Month for April 2017 - Free Motion Quilting

By Pam Marbourg from California

This is her rendition of the Catch-A-Dream Mandala from the Block of the Month of April 2017.  First she did the FMQ design then she used Derwent Inktense pencils to paint the inside of the design.

It's lovely and that's a great idea.  

Go check out her work at to get inspired with ideas.

Sandra Pearson's latest work with the Block of the Month of July 2017, Stylish Dragonfly.  She even added little ones. I'm very impressed. The FMQ work gives it depth and dimension. Beautiful Artsmanship!!! is that's a word, maybe it should be Artswomanship right! because it's not craft anymore it's art.

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Medallion - View from the back

Beautiful just the details makes it look like a piece of art.