Multi purpose tote bag

I wanted to share with you some tote bags I made. Some of the block patterns you see here are available. Click here to check them out.  


I'm proud to offer you this product from my Collection.  Being a fan of Feng-Shui, I designed this pattern first and foremost to satisfy my own list of criteria to meet my needs. That is to have a space for everything I carry and also to have an interior as beautiful as the exterior.


Tote bag caracteristics:

- It is practical, very strong and it keeps its form.

- There are many compartments to keep things neet and tidy.

- The bottom is solid and can be replaced if needed.


The tote bag can be used for:

- Arts & crafts tote bag

- Travel bag


For boarding a plane or on a cruise, the secret pocket can be used to put credit cards or money. The zipper keeps your bag closed, but the velcro will act as an alert system because of the noise it makes when you open it.



All blocks for the exterior front pocket are sold seperately.


Price: 10 $ CAD

To inspire, here are some tote bags made by Suzanne Gauthier. Music, book reading and writing, and a trip to Paris were her inspiration. By the way, Suzanne had the amazing idea to paint the feather on denim. It looks great.  

Here's how to order the Tote Bag Pattern:

1. Send me an email 

2. Send the payment through PayPal at the following address:

3. You will receive your pattern by email shortly after the

     payment has been received.

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